Contact Details for BOX EM UP

You can contact me any time or day.

Roxann Coffey

E-mail roxan@boxemup.com.au

Call or txt 0411676626

Or you can use the contact form.

Pick up Address ( Pick up’s are by appointment only please)

383 Trouts Road Mcdowall 4053 ( Just off Hamilton Road)This is a home business with plenty of street parking. Or you are welcome to park in the driveway

See Trading Times for more details

How do I place a order

  • You can call. Send a txt or e-mail your order through. You are also welcome to come and take a look at our packing supplies and take it from there.  There is no minimum to buy with not pressure in buying to many. As you can always get more anytime if needed.

I work full times how would I get my order.

  • We can delivery your items and place them in a secure spot if you have one. Or can arrange a time that suites you as we offer and after hours service. You are also welcome to come after hours if need be for a pick up. Please contact us for more details.

With delivery what do you do if its going to rain.

  • If the weather does not look good on the day when we are going to deliver you order. If you have placed a order in advance and are not going to be home when we deliver the items.
  • We will either call or send you a e-mail and wait for your reply.
  • We will arrange either another time to drop your order off. Like later that day when you are home.
  • Or if you have somewhere safe where we can leave them so they don’t get wet.
  • Or alternative we will use one of our furniture bags as protection for the boxes and wrap them in one of them. Like the mattress protection bags.

If I place a order when can I pick it up or when will I receive it.

  • We endeavor to get the order to you asap. Sometime within the hour if we can. Will arrange a time that suites you when you contact us.

I am sending something interstate or overseas and only need 1 box can you help

  • We sure can help with no minimum buy if you only need one box we can help. We can also suggest a cheaper way of getting your items delivered interstate or overseas with our recommended business.

Why should we use your products and services

We offer a good range of products and services. We endeavor to help you where we can.

The boxes and packing items are new and flat pack. They are from the same suppliers that the removalist and storage places use like Visy and other local suppliers. With no pressure in buying more then you need. We have a range of products to help you save time and money. If there is something we don’t have. More then happy to source it for you. We also offer a credit on any of our items you don’t use.

See our reviews on what other customers have thought about BOX EM UP.

We also sometime have a range of Secondhand Boxes. Contact us for more details.

Prices and Delivery fee’s and Payment

Payment is either Cash, Internet banking or we have a mobile Eftpos Machine. So card is fine.

See our products and Prices for our current products and price list. All order over $250.00 is fee delivery from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. With free top up if needed.

We try to keep the delivery fee at a minimum where we can. We offer free delivery to certain areas. You will be told of any delivery fee prior to delivery . Please see our Delivery Fees for more details. Or contact us.

Where do I start.

  • First off get a date on when you want to move. If you book your removalist or rental truck early. Say the first job of the day for the Removal  Company. So  you are not waiting around if they are held up on another job etc. The sooner you get it all moved the sooner you can unpack and have a good night sleep in your new home.
  • Get your moving and packing supplies as soon as possible. That way you have plenty of time to go through your items and get rid of anything you don’t need. This will also help to take the stress out of moving. Also save you money on packing supplies and removal cost especially if you are paying by the hour rate.
  • Contact us we can help you in choosing the right products for your move if you are not sure.
  • Remember there is no minimum buy. Also if you buy too many boxes and have some left over. We offer a full credit providing they are not used. With no holes and tape on them. Or you can get more boxes and packing supplies when needed

Write a list of what you need to do.

This will take the stress out of the move if you are organized and have a list. That way you should not forget anything. You can always add to the list as you are going. Booking a removalist or finding a truck to move. From finding a new School for your kids. Local Vet for your pets. Visa and dr appointment if moving overseas. Disconnection and reconnection of utilities. Cleaning. Redirection of mail.

How to choose the products I need to start packing

  • Get good quality boxes and packing tape. If you want to protect yourself and your items. Don’t use boxes from the supermarket if you can help it. Not only have they had food or chemicals that could stain your items. They could also fall apart during the move. Not only injuring yourself but also anyone else helping you move. Or the items could get broken in the move as well.
  • Good quality tape is just as important as the boxes. You tend to use less tape which saves you money. Also it will protect your boxes from falling apart while you are moving.
  • First off decide if you want to pack in one hit or do a few boxes at a time. This will help take the stress out of moving. If you are moving close by you maybe able to do smaller trips and reuse the boxes.
  • The sooner you start the packing process the better. This will give you time to sought though your items and get rid of any items you no longer need.  Depending on the time you have to do your move in and how much stuff you have.
  • Take a look at our suggested moving packs as a guide say for a one to two bedroom house as an example. If you buy one of the packages and find you need more boxes. We will delivery these for free. As we know how hard it is to judge what you need. If you find you need more Moving Boxes and Packing Items feel free to contact us and will be more then happy to help you.
  • You are more than welcome to come and pick up your Packing Boxes or any other items you may need. By prior appointment only. Or if you have any items left over that you didn’t use or isn’t damaged we will give you a full refund.

Sell or give away any items you don’t need or use.

  • This will save you time and money during the move of you. Time in packing the items. Your not paying for a box and packing items you don’t really need.  The time and space on the Removal truck. Finding space in your new home
    for a item you don’t like need or want.

Where  and when do I start packing.Start as soon as possible That way you should have everything done the day before you move. The last thing you need is have the removalist show up and you are still packing. This will cost you money if you are paying them by the hr.

If you have a spare room start there. That way you will have somewhere to store your boxes as you are packing. That way they will not be in your way.

Start with items that you are not using before you move. Example if its summer you don’t need your winter clothing. So start packing them up. If you have suit case use them for your clothing.

Spare linen towels and sheets. Also any books you are not reading.  Go through each room.

Make sure you mark each box clearly where it needs to go in the new home.

How to pack a kitchen will this take a lot of time

  • You can start with your excess plates, cups , glasses and cooking items. Just leave the items you think you may need.
  • Use butchers paper in wrapping your items. Plates, cups, glasses. Onces wrapped stand these up right don’t lay them flat. As they are much stronger and less likely to break in the move. This also saves you washing once you have moved. If you use news paper the print tends to come off and go not only over your items but also over your hands. ( if you want to save and use newspaper) Keep it for filling the spaces in the boxes.

We recommend using Butchers Paper for wrapping. As the ink from the news paper will get all over your hand and items you are packing. Save your news paper for filling the gaps in your boxes.

How to pack fraigle items.

  • Bubble wrap and twin wall boxes are great for protecting your fragile items. Place a few sheets of butchers paper at the bottom top and side of the boxes.  Or even a towel at the bottom and top. Wrap your items in Bubble wrap or butchers paper and place gently in the box. Place the butches paper or towel at the top and seal. Mark fragile with big bright stickers and write top load only.
  • For larger items like tables and cabinets. We recommend Pro-Wrap or removal blankets for added protecting your items from scratches and dint’s.

Once I have finished what do I do with they boxes

Depending on where you have moved to we offer to buy your boxes back. Please see buy back for more details.

Or you can place a free add on www.gumtree.com.au

We suggest if you are using gumtree that you put a price on the whole lot. Including butchers paper and bubble wrap. As you are unwrapping your items you can fold the butchers paper and bubble wrap up and place in a empty box.

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We hope this has answered all of your question. If we can help in anyway. Please let us know. We are here to help you save your time and money.

Thanks for visiting page FAQ – BOX EM UP.

Please let us know if you require any cardboard boxes and packing supplies for your up and coming move. You can contact us on 0411676626 or email roxann@boxemup.com.au