How to pack Removalist Truck or Shipping Container. DYI

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How to pack Removalist Truck or Shipping Container. DYI

Tips How to pack Removalist Truck or Shipping Container. DYI and save.

Packing a Removal Truck

Packing a Shipping Container

How to pack Removalist Truck or Shipping Container. DYI and Save. Here are some times on how your can DYI and save some money. This does not have to be hard or stressful. If you are well organized and have plenty of help. You can have this done in no time at all.

Have you looked at hiring a Removal Truck or Shipping Container and Moving yourself. Moving is stressful but if you have friends and family to help. You may be able to save on the cost of moving.

There are a few options to choose from . You can hire a truck from say budget or Alpha or even sometimes the local petrol station has Trucks or Ute’s for hire. There is also the shipping container . You can hire these or buy one and simply sell it once you have moved say from All Direct Containers Then you can go to Truck It and find someone on there to move it.  I have used Truck IT myself and saved my customer a lot of money in freight.

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Tips on How To Pack Removalist Truck Or Shipping Container

Before you book anything make sure you have the room for the Removalist Truck or Shipping Container. Let your neighbors know a few days before. Especially if you need to take up car parking on the road. That way you can make sure the area is clear for parking the Shipping Container or Truck.

  • Book your removal truck or shipping container as early as possible. That way you know you will get it on time. Especially if the weather is bad on the day or its a busy period like Christmas.
  • Once you have the truck or shipping container. Check for damage or leaks. Easy way to check for leaks is to in and shut the door and see if you can see light coming from outside. (Just don’t get locked in
  • Compare your prices and save. Booking at the beginning of the week is generally cheaper then say the weekend.
  • Check the insurance from the hire company. In case you damage the truck or property during the move.  Make sure you are covered for any unforeseen accidents.

No matter how you move. Always make sure you are covered by insurance

  • Get extra insurance as a precaution. You can check with your current insurer and see if they will cover you.
  • Have a good strong padlock for the Shipping Container to help prevent theft.
  • As you pack your home make sure you have easy access to your larger items. As these need to go in the tuck first.
  • Have your friends and family in early to help you move. Many hand make light work.
  • Make sure all your electrical appliances switched off and unplugged. Have the cords taped up so there is no accidents. Have your fridge defrosted the night before.
  • Load all your heavy items in first. Use straps and ropes to tie these down so they don’t move around during the move.
  • You can get truck straps and ropes from Bunnings. Most truck hire places have these as well.
  • Wrap your large electrical items and lounges with blankets. Use straps to help secure them. This will help protect them.
  • Try to have 1 to 2 people outside packing the truck and container and two people moving the items outside.

When Moving Overseas and Packing Your Own Shipping Container

  • Check the quarantine regulations for that country you are moving too. As you don’t want your  Shipping Container to be stuck in customs.
  • Try to have  a few copies of the list of items you have packed in the shipping Container. Keep one with you. Have one on your computer. One with the transport company and one with your items as a just in case.
  • Get people to help you unpack your container at the other end. Be careful when you open the door. Just in case things have moved around.
Don’t forget with the money you have saved to shout your family and friends who helped you dinner.

BOX EM UP would like to wish you all the best with your move. We hope that  this information has helped you with How To Pack a Removalist Truck or Shipping Container.

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Here are a some You Tube clips on how you can Pack a Container. You would Pack Removalist truck the same way.

If you have any more tips please let us know. This may help someone save on the moving cost.

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