TV Buying New Television

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TV Buying New Television

When Moving and TV Buying New Television for your home .

Top Tip for Buying New TV.   Is keep your box and packaging supplies should you need to move it. Or send it back for repairs if need be.

Size of your room and TV

First thing to consider is the size and where you need to put it.

Will you need a TV Cabinet or do you want to hand it on the wall.

You will be better off getting your TV either delivered or picked up after you move.

This will save damage to your TV while it is in Transit and being moved unnecessarily

With the way they make TV today you have a few options to consider. The TV are only a few inches thin so the width is not really a issue.

TV are measured diagonally across the screen. Talk to the sales man and they can guide you on the best size screen for your

living area. Also if LED, LCD or Plasma. Then you have UHD, Full HD or HD Ready. So which would be more suited and better for your needs.

As the bigger the screen dose not mean it will be a better view if you have a small living space.

  • 3 meters and over 56 inches and over
  •  2.5 meters and 3 meters: 46 to 55 inches
  •  2 meters and 2.5 meters: 40 to 45 inches
  • 1.5 meters  and 2 meters: 32 to 39 inches
  • Less than 1.5 meters: up to 32 inches

Installation: Get a professional or Do it yourself

Most companies will have a small fee for  installations fi they are going to deliver the TV for you.

As they professional they can also tune the TV for you and run through how to use it

if you are not sure.

Remember to keep your TV Box and Packaging supplies. As these can be hard to get and in same cases can cost you a lot of money

should you be moving and relocating in the future. Or send it back for repairs.

TV Buying New Television can be one of the most exciting things when moving into a new home. Not only for you but also the kids

Check out product reviews when selecting a TV and see what others have to say.

TV buying new television

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