How to prevent damage when moving

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How to prevent damage when moving

Here are some great tips on how to prevent damage when moving. Not only to your furniture but also the house you are moving from and too. Yourself and the removal truck.

The last you need is an extra expense when moving for yourself or others to get hurt. Or damage to your property. Sure accidents happen. Some can be avoided if you take that little extra can when packing and getting your larger items ready for the move from point A to point B. This can be a big task depending on the items you have.

Making sure these items will fit into your new location and that they will fit through the doorways. Or see if the removal company have other options like over the balcony.

One key point is having good strong cardboard moving boxes for packing as well as good quality tape and packing supplies.

Hire a Professional Removal Company

  1.  Booking a professional removal company to come in and take care of the lager items for you. Even if you want to save you can do this by taking the smaller items yourself and have the removal company move your larger furniture.
  2. Make sure they easy access to your home. Find out where they need to park. Is it clear. Will the truck fit through the fence or do they need to stay on the road.
  3. If you have a Piano we highly recommend getting a professional Piano removal company in to do this rather then your normal everyday removals. Check the insurance to make sure you are covered should it get damaged while in transit. They will also tell you how you can have the Piano ready for the move if there is anything you need to do.
  4. You can save by having as much ready as possible prior to the removal company arriving. Having a clearway for them to get to your items. Especially when paying them by the hour as this all takes time to wrap if its not ready before they arrive.
  5. Check with them on what they will supply for your fridge, Lounges, Mattress, TV, tools and anything else you have that is bulky. Check the price as well for these items so there are no surprises once you receive your bill from them. Ask questions if they are included in the price.
  6. You can purchase this items before the move. Like mattress protection bags. Lounge covers. Pro wrap for your washing machine, dryer and fridge.

Protecting your table and lounge.

  1. Taking the legs off your furniture will make it easier to move and pack your items on the truck. This will help reduce damage to your items or dents to your walls. Might make it easier to get through doorways.
  2. Remove the legs on your tables, lounges and chairs before moving them.  Either tape these to the furniture or place in a plastic bag with the details of what items they belong to and place in a box.
  3. Clearly mark the box so you know where to find it..
  4. If you can not remove the legs or any attachments. Have  them carefully wrapped in bubble wrap or bundling film.  Make sure that you do not tape directly to the wood as this may cause damage.

Protecting your Bed

  1. Use a Mattress Protection Bag to protect youbr mattress from dirt, dust and rips and tares while in transit
  2. You can use Bundling Film, Bubble Wrap, Pro Wrap for wrapping your frame and keeping it altogether
  3. Place your screws, nuts and bolts in a zip bag and either put this in a box or tape it to the frame
  4. This will make it easier to move and less likely to be scratched in the process

Protecting your electrical goods when moving

  1. Make sure your fridge is defrosted and empty before your move. Check our tips on How to store your fridge for tips on cleaning and getting it ready
  2. Wrap any larger electrical items either with Pro Wrap, Moving Blankets or bubble wrap to prevent scratchers and dents
  3. You can use cable ties or tape for any electrical leads to prevent tripping over them in the process of moving them.
  4. Don’t lie any of your electrical items down. Keep these all upright.

Protecting other large items

  1. when moving glass tables tops mirrors. We suggest you tape the glass and wrap your items well. Either in blankets , Or pro warp or bubble wrap.
  2. Use boxes or sheets of cardboard for that added protection.

Protecting yourself and others when moving.

  • Do not over fill the boxes thinking this will save you money. In the end this can cause more harm them good. If the box is too heavy you may not be able to lift it and cause damage to yourself or others
  • Hire the professionals for the heavy items. They will have trolleys to help move this heavier items from point A to point B
  • If its raining make sure you have decent shoes on. So you won’t slip. Have a rest and eat well so you have enough energy to get the job done.

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