How To Pack Paintings Artwork

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How To Pack Paintings Artwork

How to Pack Paintings Artwork for moving or storing. When packing your painting and Artwork for transport. Especially oil painting when moving or storing can be risky. Not only do you want to protect the painting itself but also the frame. If comes with glass as well you need to make sure this does not break and cause damage to your picture or art. With a canvas print you want to make sure it does not get damaged in transit as well.

Your paintings will require care when moving them. From a simple move to shipping them overseas. They need that bit extra TLC. These require extra care while in the packing process to make sure they are not damaged in the relocation process.

Here are some tips to help you on your way to making sure your precious items make it safe and secure to its new destination you are moving them or shipping them, paintings require extra care during the packing process. Pack paintings by collecting boxes that will fit them comfortably and securely and using bubble wrap, newspapers and other packing materials to ensure they are protected during transit.

What not to use when packing your paintings and artwork

  1.  We recommend you don’t use bubble wrap directly on your oil paintings or canvas prints. Especially when they are in a open frame. The bubble wrap may stick to your painting and leave a marks.
  2. Never use newspaper or printed paper to wrap your painting. The print will come off the paper and onto not only your items but all over your hands.

This tips are just a guide to help protect your valuable and precious items

  • We recommend Prowrap for wrapping your paintings. This product is design to give your items that added protect. Prowrap is heavy duty. It  comes with material backing & white lining on outside of bubble wrap.  As well as protection from moisture it offers puncture resistance and superior tear. With the material backing it. This will not leave marks on your paintings.
  • If you don’t have access to Prowrap we recommend you use butchers paper, a sheet of cardboard and bubble wrap for wrapping your items up.
  • First when taping your paper together. Make sure there is no sticky part of the tape showing. That will be covering your painting surface.
  • Have a table free or floor space. Lay your packing items on the flat surface first. Place your painting or art work on top.
  • If your frame has glass we recommend your tape the glass up from corner to corner and side to side for added strength to the glass. This will help prevent breakage.
  • If you are not using the Prowrap. Wrap your painting in butchers paper or tissue paper. Then cover the front area with a sheet of cardboard for added protection.
  • The painting should feel tightly wrapped and secure. Place in a box big enough for your artwork. You can get Picture Mirror Boxes and Art boxes are available.
  • If packing two or more frames in one box.  Place the items front to front in the box for that added protecting while in transit. Make sure your items are secure and will not move around in the box
  • You can use filling to pack the box to stop them from moving. Like Void fill, sheets of cardboard. If you have room on the sides you can roll up towels either end of the box.
  • Use good quality packing tape to seal the box. Also make sure your boxes are strong and sturdy.
  • Make sure these are placed in the truck or car where they will not move around or other boxes and slide into them causing damage.

Remember not to place bubble wrap directly on your painting or art work

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