How to get ready for moving

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How to get ready for moving

How to get ready for moving. This can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Here are some tips you can use to help make the process of moving less stressful for you and the family.  If you do need more information or are looking for Moving and Packing Supplies. Simply see our Products and Prices Call Roxann Coffey on 0411676626 or email I will be more then happy to answer any question you may have.

Have a Plan. Set some goals on getting the packing and cleaning done. Call on family and friends to help. Every if its just to watch the kids. As every little bit helps in the end.

Your lease is up. Or you have brought a new home and you need to move. Most people have moved a few times and less face it. It a daunting task to have to move. Some people hate it. The thought of packing and moving is hard work for a lot of people. If you are new to moving here are some great tips in being prepared a head of time and getting the job done. If you start early enough packing may not be as hard as you think. Not only will this give you a chance to have a good clean out. In getting rid of items you no longer need by de-cluttering. It could also mean a fresh start in life.

If you decide you are using a removal company. Get in early so you can book the times and dates that you want. Check their reviews. You can save some money by moving earlier in the week. For example on Monday thought to Thursday. Also outside of peak traffic times will help to. We suggest you booking the first job of the day if you have to move on the weekend That way you won’t be caught out waiting on them should they be stuck on a job before yours.

  • Have a plan set out before you start packing

Plan to at least be packed the day or two before you move. This might give you some time to get some cleaning done. As we know unexpected things happen when we least expect it. So this might also give you a change to catch your breath and have enough energy for moving day. Something are out of your control like the weather or a family situation could arise. Have some extra time up your sleeve will also help with your stress levels.

  • Getting good quality cardboard boxes and packing supplies prior to moving day.

At least give yourself a few weeks to pack. Having strong clean boxes and tape will help assist you with the packing. Making sure that the tape it top quality to stick well to the boxes. Having your boxes and packaging supplies a head of time will help make the job a lot less stressful and will help prevent damage your items while in transit. We recommend you have Butchers Paper and bubble wrap handy for packing your kitchen items. As the print off the news paper tends to not only get over your hand. Also the items you are packing as well. This saves you washing these at the other end. If you do have newspaper. Use this for filling.

  • Make sure all the furniture it will fit into your new place.

Prior to moving. Give the removal company as much info as you can. The last thing you need on moving day is the removal company leaving your furniture outside because. They couldn’t get it into your new home. This does happen a lot so don’t be caught out.

  • Have your boxes clearly marked

This  so they can be placed where you want them. This will save have to move them a few times. Unless you want to save cost on the removal company and have them placed in your garage. To make them easy to track. Label the boxes by a number system or color code. If you are using a removal company that your are not sure of. Don’t label the boxes with what is in each box. Once the boxes are all moved. Take a count to make sure they are all there. Also number your furniture. This will make the process easier to check that you have everything. If you want to know what is in each box If you can have a spreadsheet on your computer with the items in each box.

  • Check the weight of the large boxes by half filling them.

Don’t seal the box till you make sure you can lift it. Also don’t over fill the boxes. Making sure you also have good quality tape that sticks well to the boxes. This will save accidents happening and the bottom of the box coming open. With all the items falling out the bottom. Or people going through your boxes should they be damaged.

  • Being ready and prepared is the key to a good and easy move for all.

Have all your electrical items unplugged ready to go. Packed up as much as possible. Place these in the original box if possible If you still have them. To save time and money on your removal cost put all your boxes and items in the garage. Or once area in your home ready to go. Like a spare room. Where that the removal company will have easy access.

  • What to do with dangerous goods

Most removal companies will not move dangerous good. For example Gas bottles or pain and chemicals. If you have any dangerous good inform the removal company. Have a plan B in place so you can get rid of these if need be.

Check with the removal company and on their policy should the weather turn bad on the day. Somethings are out of your control. Having a back up plan will also help should something go wrong.. Keep in contact with the removal company you are using to make sure they are right as well. Also with your bank or conveyancing company. Especially if settlement is on the same day as your move. If you do have these items check with your local council on where you can dump these items.

Check with everyone you have that is involved with your move that they are all right to help still on the day. That everything is in place. Get a good night sleep if you can.

Hope these tips on How to get ready for moving have helped. For more moving and packing tips make sure you visit our blog and tips.

All the best with your moving day. Should you need any packing and moving supplies. Contact Roxann on 0411676626 or email We will be more then happy to get the packing supplies to you.

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