Cleaning House When Moving Out

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Cleaning House When Moving Out

Are you Moving Here are some tips on cleaning house when moving out.

These days to get your bond back when moving you need to get a bond cleaner in to do the job for you If you are renting. Cleaning house when moving out is only one step in getting your bond back. Or if you sold your home you would like the new owners to come to a clean house. Just like you would like to move into a clean and tidy house yourself.

From cleaning your windows, walls, cupboards, bathroom carpets and floor tiles. If you are renting you generally can find a cleaner that charges by the hour. So the more you have done the cheaper it will be as it will be. As less work for the cleaners and more money in your pocket.

Here are some great tips you can follow to help make the process as easy as possible for you. While you are packing and moving yourself. Or if you choose to get professionals in to do the job for you. That way it won’t seem like a really big job at the end of your packing

Take photos of before and after the clean has been done

  1. If you are renting. Check with the real estate agent on what needs to be done so you receive your bond back. If there is any damaged to your property that has been caused by you. Let them know if you can’t get the damaged fixed yourself.
  2. You may need to use their cleaner or find one yourself. Check their reviews and ABN number to make sure they are legit and will not rip you off. Here is the link to check the Checking ABN ( Australian Business Number
  3. You may be required to book your cleaner in advance from Carpet Cleaners to general bond cleaners. If you can book your own I suggest you get a few quotes and keep the numbers handy just in case. Same with a gardener and the swimming pool if you need to book someone in to do a service before you leave.
  4. Follow up with the cleaners the week before your booking. Just to make sure they are still available to do the job. See if you can also get a copy of the contact with the cleaners and go through it before the job is done.
  5. To save on the cost of cleaning. Especially if you are paying by the hour. You can start by doing some yourself.
  6. As you clean out your cupboards and pack your boxes. Give the cupboards a clean by giving them a wipe over with a damp cloth.
  7. If you have a garage or spare room place all your packed boxes in there so you can start to clean the other rooms and walls and windows in the other rooms as they get packed.
  8. Write a list of what needs to be fixed or done as you are going and cross these off as they get done. Try and do one room at a time so you can keep on top of it.
  9. The carpets are generally the last thing to get cleaned before you move. So make sure you check the other rooms and that everything is completed before the carpets are cleaned. Make sure the carpets are clear of any furniture and boxes etc. So you or the carpet cleaners can get in each room and get the job done without moving items around and wasting time.
  10. If you do have bond cleaners keep the receipt handy and take any photos off items that have not been cleaned properly. If the real estate told you to use them. I suggest you contact the real estate and let them know and show them the photos so you can make sure you get your bond back.

Here is a checklist of what needs to be done and cleaned before you move

Walls give them a wipe over especially if you have young children

Give your lounge a clean before moving or placing into storage

cupboards, wardrobe  and drawers

Windows, windowsills and fly screens. Inside and outside

doors inside and out

Curtains and Blinds

Ceilings if moldy or dirty from cobwebs.

Ceiling fans, Light fittings and switches

oven and exhaust fan


Any electrical appliance that are staying like the dishwasher

Washing Machine and Dryer don’t forget the filters

Bathroom, Toilet and laundry

Fridge. Don’t forget to empty the water try if it has one at the back

Air conditioning units including filters

Outside patio, garage, sheds, garden area, decks

Pool and entertainment area.

Tick your jobs off as you complete them

Make sure you tick these off and any other jobs that need doing as you go. When getting professionals in make sure they have easy access to everything they need to get to so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Even though moving and cleaning is a big job and can get a bit overwhelming the sooner you get started the better. This can save you time, money and stress. Make sure you ask for help when you need it. From getting family and friends to help or hiring a professional to get the job done.

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