Choosing the Right Housemate

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Choosing the Right Housemate

Here are some tips on helping you in Choosing the Right Housemate or Flatmate for you.

Living and renting or buying a home can be really expensive if you are living and paying the bills on your own. Here are some helpful tips on Choosing the Right Housemate or flatemate . If you are looking for a room to rent and want to save on the living expenses.

Living with people can be hard. If you are not use to it you may find this a little hard. Make sure you set boundaries and keep the lines of commutations open. You can find the perfect housemate for you. From finding a room to rent to Finding someone to rent a room from you.

Here is some advice on finding the right housemate for you.

  •  Don’t be in a rush to find someone Take your time. As living with the wrong person will end up costing you a lot more in the end. Write a list of what you want in a housemate and expectations. Do you want to live with a Man or a Woman for example.
  • Try and get someone that you know Ask friends or family member or someone that you trust. If they know someone that is looking. Say it could be a friend of a friend. If you are thinking about living with a good friend. Know that living with them may ruin a good friendship. Best not go down that road. Let them know their friendship means a lot to you and you don’t want to ruin it should it not work out living together.
  •  If you can’t and need to live with a complete stranger Get at least 3 references off them. Follow these up. Go with your gut feeling. Don’t be quick to make this decision. Sit on it for a day or two.

Don’t be in a rush to move in or have someone move in with you

  •  Set up a meeting in a pubic place like a coffee shop first. Here you can discuss living arrangements and what is expected. Like paying bills, cleaning. Their work commitments and yours. For example do they do shift work. How often will they be home.
  •  If you are renting make sure their name goes on the lease as well. Have a short agreement or lease with them in case it does not work out. I would suggest 3-6 months. If you own a home and renting out a room. Have them pay the bond through the Rental Bond Agreement. That way should it not work out. You will be legally covered.  Use the Rental Bond Tenancy
  • Be honest about the room they are going to rent. If advertising online say with share Accommodation sites like Share Accommodations  sites. Give as much information as you can about the room and what will be in the agreement. For example can they have a pet. Or do you have a pet. Cost for the room and other utilities. Have a contract drawn up with the expenses on there and when they are due. Don’t forget cleaning or anything else that may be of concern.

Be as honest and upfront as you can.

  • Set out some financial and personal questions for them. Without getting to personal. What do they do for work. Do they rent now and how much are they paying. Are they paying off say a car or other loans. Plus lifestyle questions. Do they go out a lot say night clubbing on the weekend. Play a sport and what hobbies do they have. What do they like to eat and can they cook. Do they prefer to stay home and watch TV. What TV shows and music do they listen to. Have they got say a pet bird or fish.
  •  You will need to also know how much furniture they have. Will they have a TV in their room or will they be using yours. Do they own a car as you need to workout where they are going to park.

 During the discussions make sure you are honest about yourself as well. What you like and don’t like. Plus your expectations.

  •  Before you make the decision Go with your instincts and feelings. If its does not feel right. Don’t do it. Keep the lines of commutation open. Know that everyone needs space and have good and bad days. Everyone has different expectations and some can either be easy to live with or hard. Have a plan in place should you find yourself in a bad situation and can no longer live where you are.

Hope this information on Choosing the Right Housemate will help you find that special place to live with fond memories. Don’t feel pressured to live with someone if you are not ready or feel comfortable. If you do find yourself living in a bad situation. Seek help and legal advice if needed. Don’t sign any contacts or agreements until you read the find print.

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