How To Assemble Cardboard Boxes

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How To Assemble Cardboard Boxes

When you are buying your cardboard boxes for storing or moving.

Here are some tips on How To Assemble Cardboard Boxes from Box Em Up Brisbane

We recommend you get good quality cardboard boxes and packing tape. Buying cheap tape. Or boxes that are weak and not strong enough for moving will not save you money. As tape will not stick to the boxes. Will also  likely  come off while you are in the process of packing and moving. boxes will fall apart. This will also make the boxes unsafe to lift. May also cause the bottom of the cardboard boxes to open and all your items to fall out. Causing a tripping hazard. See below for our tips on How To Assemble Cardboard Boxes

Folding and Taping Your Cardboard Boxes.

All you need to do is fold each of the flaps into the middle of the box. With good quality strong tape.  Tape along the join of the box length ways first. If you have large boxes that will be heavy. For added support.  Use more tape width ways at the bottom of the box. Having good strong quality  tape will prevent your boxes from falling apart and give that extra support where needed.  

Do not  interweave the flaps of each boxes into to each other at the bottom of the box. You can however do this at the top if you are going to reuse the removal boxes. remember each time you do this will end up making the flaps weak and will simple tear off or damage the lid of the boxes.

Unfolding and Storing your Cardboard Boxes

Once you have finished your move we suggest you keep your boxes or at least some of them. They also come in handy to have around.  Find a dry cool place to store your boxes for future use or moves. Not only will this save you money when you have to relocate again .  Will also indicate how many boxes you may need for your next move.

Do not rip the tape off

This will cause damage your boxes. We suggest you cut the tape with a knife first. You may then be able to peal the excess tape off with out damaging your cardboard Boxes. Being careful not to damage and cut your items in the process. Cut the tape at either end of the box first. then a little slice at the fold not going to deep. All you  need to do then is lift up the folded cardboard. This should cut the tape by itself as you lift.  Being careful not to damage the box. Fold the box and keep it flat

Recycling Your Boxes and Packing Supplies

Recycling your cardboard Boxes to use again.  You should be able to use these over and over again if you get good quality boxes. This will save you money and time. Make sure you store these flat and in a dry cool place. You maybe able to resell them to someone else say on Gumtree or to friends and family once you have finished with them.

If you have any questions or are looking for  Cardboard Boxes and Packing Supplies for Moving contact Roxann on 0411676626 or email Will be more then happy to assist you where I can.