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Moving TipsHere are some great House Moving Tips for you and your family. As moving  house doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Should be a happy time for you and your family! Let us give you some great  tips from Box Em Up on how to make the process a little easier on you and your family! Also anyone who is helping you move.

These House Moving Tips from BOX EM UP  is a guide. These are here to help you with your move. If it be a big or small move. Try to make it as stress free as possible by being prepared and ready before the day you move will save you time and money in the end.

Make sure you get good quality Moving Boxes and Packing Items. Don’t try and save on the packing tape. If you use good quality rubber base tape. This sticks well to the boxes and  will make Packing easier and will save anything being broken during the move. Butchers Paper, Tissue Paper , Bubble Wrap , Enviro Wrap is great for wrapping your items and giving them the extra support they need to be protected. Using Butchers Paper will save you washing up your plates and cups at the end of your move. As the print from the paper tends to transfer to your items and gets all over your hands.  Give yourself plenty of time to pack. This is hard to judge if you start sooner and do a bit at a time you should have no problems on the day.

Here are some House Moving Tips you can start 3 Months before you move.

  1. Have a list going of what you would like to do and what  you need to do in helping the move go as smooth as possible
  2. Decided on the moving date. Check the weather guide on the date you intend to move so you have a fair idea what the weather will be like that day. So you can be prepared. Check it a few times before the day so see if it has changed.
  3.  Set a goal as to when you like to start packing and when you like to be finished. If you start as soon as you can would be great. That way you will have plenty of time in the end if anything should happen that most of your stuff is packed and ready to go.
  4. Check with friends and family and see if they are will and free to give you a hand. As many hands make life easier. Confirm the date with them as it gets closer to make sure they are free on the day to help.
  5. Also check with the Real Estate Agents. From the house you are moving out of to the one you are moving into that you have a list of everything you need to take care of so the move goes smoothly for all parties.  
  6. Get a few quotes on your move. From removal companies to shipping containers or even booking a truck for the day. You will be surprised on all the different prices out there.
  7. Check the insurance and make sure you are covered.
  8. Once you have decided on how you are going to move your items. Book this as soon as possible. Especially if its is around Christmas and the New Year period or Easter. If you book for first job in the morning this will save you waiting around if they are held up. Also during the week especially around Monday to Wednesday is generally cheaper for most companies.
  9. Don’t forget to check the weather guide for the moving date if you can . Also if moving a long distance or overseas what the weather will be like when you move . That way you will  have a idea of what to keep out like clothing . Do this again the week before you move.
  10. When moving pets . Talk to your vet and decide on the best way to move them. If you need a professional to do it. Contact them and discuss with your vet on any needles or checks they may need prior to the move.
  11. If you are moving overseas. Have your Passport and Visa up to date and any vaccination and checks you or your family may need. Also find the local DR in the area you are going to move to just in case
  12. Start to get your Packing Items and Cardboard Boxes – Moving Boxes. Or anything else you may need to start your packing as soon as you can.
  13. Clear a space or room where you can start to pack your cardboard boxes once they are packed. That way they will be out of the way.

Here are some House Moving Tips you can start 2 Months before you move.

  1. Book a Tradesman to fix anything or if you need a Cleaner to clean your home once you have moved if you need one.
  2. When packing work out what you are going to take with you and what you don’t want to take. This would be a great time to de-clutter. Give away or sell and  maybe have a garage sale. Sell on e-bay or trading post. See our tips on Selling Unwanted Goods
  3. Check with everyone you have helping you move that they are right on the day. Have a back up plan just in case they can’t make it for some reason.
  4. If you have children that are starting at a new school. Check that they are enrolled or enroll them in the new school. Visit the school if you can with your kids before the move.
  5. Book any accommodation or transport if needed.
  6. Check with the removal company or what ever you choose to help you move that they are right with the day of your move that everything with them is ok.
  7. If moving a long distance make sure you find the local doctor, dentist, hospital or any other service you many need. Including local shops.

Here are some House Moving Tips you can start 1 Month before you move.

  1. Do you need to get your mail redirected by Australia Post.  Other wise you can start to contact everyone yourself with your new address. Write a list and cross off the people you need to contact with your new address.
  2. If you are moving a long distance make sure you pick up any dental or Doctors or Vet records and take them with you . Or get the redirected to your new services
  3. Start to cancel any services you use. Like your gardener or cable services or any other services you may use. Don’t forget the cable tv if you have one.
  4. Start to  organize with your utilities the disconnection and reconnection of your new home.
  5. Have most things you don’t used in the next few weeks packed and ready to go. If you are moving near by you maybe able to start and take some things over if you are heading that way.
  6. Have a inventory of your boxes and other items. Take photos especially for insurance purposes should the removal company should break anything. Mark your boxes clearly so you know what is in each box and what room it belongs in . You can color code your boxes if you choose.
  7. When using a removal company to cover yourself in case some of your items get damaged during the move . Make sure you take photo’s and write everything down for insurance purposes.
  8. Make sure you keep some clean linen and towels out for the day you move. You can pack these in a box and leave in your room. That way when you disassemble your bed you can put your tools and other items in a separate bag in the box with the clean linen.
  9. Book someone in to change the locks in your new home for when you move for security reason.

Here are some House Moving Tips for the week you move.

  1. Once your house is packed up or just about finished. Check with the Real Estate to make sure the house you are moving out of is fine and you don’t need to do anything else.
  2. Start to use up items in your freezer that way you won’t have to worry about transporting them to your new home.
  3. Get anything fixed that need to be done.
  4. Re check the list to make sure you have not forgotten anything.
  5. Might be worth checking when the garbage gets collected at your new home so you can arrange another service if need be.
  6. Make sure you start to pack your items so it will be easy for the removal company or friends and family to get the larger items on the truck or shipping container first.
  7. If you have kids make sure you have a sitter or somewhere to go so they are not in your way on the day you move.
  8. This is also a good idea if you have pets as well
  9. Defrost your freezer the night before. Also check any plants that they don’t have any excess water in them.
  10. Disassemble your beds and use your mattress and sleep on the floor. Keep a box for your dirty linen and clothing. Mark this clearly.
  11. Place your tools and nuts and bolts from your bed in a bag and place in with your clean linen. That way you can set your bed up and have a good night sleep once you have moved.
  12. Keep a box for your pillows and toiletries and any other items you have to use the day you move.
  13. Check that the removal company is coming and what time you are expecting them.
  14. Check the weather guide to make sure all is fine there or you have a back up plan if needed.

Here are some House Moving Tips for the day you move.

  1. Use mattress bags to cover your mattress and have this ready for the removal company
  2. Make sure all electrical items are unplugged and cords are wrapped up and tapped so no once trips over them
  3. Empty the water from the tray in your fridge. Also make sure your plants have no water in them. You might need to check your washing machine too.
  4. Before the removal company arrives check to see that everything is marked clearly and ready to go into the truck
  5. Make sure the men have easy access to everything as they will start with the bulky items first.
  6. Once the truck arrives check to make sure it is clean and in good condition. Also you are happy with the men that are doing the move
  7. Check any paper work you need to sign. Read the fine print especially when it comes to the insurance part. That you are coved for what you pay for.
  8. Make sure they have the right address as to where they are going.
  9. Once everything is out of your home. Give your home the once over and make sure you have not forgotten anything.
  10. Check that the real estate is happy with everything and if you have booked a cleaner they are coming when you booked them.
  11. Don’t forget to leave your keys behind and the controller for the garage door if you have one
  12. Once the removal company has moved your items to your new home. If there are any boxes or items damaged. Take a photo and let them know
  13. Make sure everything is off the truck and you are happy with the service they provided.

Once you are in your new home.

Change your locks on your new home asap. Including windows if your new house has locks on them. Don’t forget the garage as well. Just for your own safety and get the number for the local police station as well.

Get to know your neighbors as soon as possible.

If you have a dog take them for a walk around the neighborhood. To get them use to their new environment.

Once you have moved check to see what day is garbage day. If you have missed this find the local tip.  As you will need to know this for when you are unpacking and needing to get rid of any rubbish.

Hope this tips and helped in someway to take the stress out of moving. We at BOX EM UP what to wish you and your family all the best in your new home.